There are major 2 Intakes for every University in the UK, which is in Sept and Jan, However; depending on the University there are May, June, April and October intakes are available; for more information contact us.

To apply for the student visa; you must have all your Financial documents and CAS ready. You can apply 6 months before your course start date for visa. Please Note: You can arrive in the UK one Month before the course start date as stated on the CAS.

After you submit your application at the visa application centre, you should receive the decision on your visa application within three weeks unless you have selected the Super Priority or Priority visa.

University cannot expedite your Visa application decision in any way. UKVI would be responsible for deciding and making decision on your Visa application. As such, no institution has the authority to interfere with this process.

The required documents depend on the type of visa. Please contact us to get detailed information

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, or CAS. This is an electronic letter from the institution/ University in response to your student visa application. The letter contains details about you, including your name, address, field of study, and CAS number. This is the needed documents to apply for the UK visa.

You cannot use the same CAS number more than once because it is specific to each immigration application. The CAS is valid for 6 months and if the visa application due to any reason didn’t get submitted in the given time frame then you need new CAS before applying for a visa. You should get in touch with the appropriate officials for more information if your visa application is rejected.

The first step after receiving your offer from your chosen institution is to accept it. The next step is that you have to meet all the conditions of your offer. You then have to clear the interview, if any, and share your financial documents and medical documents to request for the CAS. Then, your CAS will be issued.